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Free Call

This is a virtual appointment that allows you to ask any questions you may have about neurofeedback, including how it works and how it could help you. 


Taster Session

An opportunity for you to experience a session of NeurOptimal®.

Cost: £45*           

*Please note that this is a one-time session and cannot be purchased more than once per individual.

If you would like to continue with Neurofeedback Brain Training, then you can either book individual sessions or opt for a pre-paid competitive package.

Individual Session

After your initial session, you can decide to continue your Neurofeedback brain training on a pay as you go basis. The sessions will be booked with your trainer and you pay as you train.

Cost: £60   



A more competitive alternative is to buy blocks of 10 or 20 sessions, priced as below.

10 sessions: £550              

20 sessions: £1000           


Want to find out more about Optimum Neurofeedback and how it could help you?

Get in touch now

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