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Optimum Neurofeedback

Helping you to reach your optimum inner balance...

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Every brain is capable of optimal functioning, but when our central nervous system is out of balance, our brain operates sub-optimally. 

Neurofeedback helps to re-store the balance within the central nervous system, by targeting the shifts in the brain's activity that can undermine optimal brain function.

Optimum Neurofeedback brings you the latest Neurofeedback technology so that you can reach your optimum inner balance.

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The Latest Neurofeedback Technology

Optimum Neurofeedback offers NeurOptimal® sessions,  bringing you the safest and most advanced neurofeedback  technology available.

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The benefits of Neurofeedback brain training are limitless and will vary according to each brain's individual current state and needs. Some of the many benefits reported by the millions of people worldwide who brain train with NeurOptimal® are...

Sleeping Baby

Improved sleep

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Mental acuity

Student Presenting


Senior Couple

Improved energy levels

Breathing Meditation

Calm and emotional stability

Happy Girl

General Wellness


Improved focus and memory

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Self Motivation

Personal Transformation


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